All shipping fees incurred for the order from our e-commerce store will be shouldered completely by the customer. Full fees must be paid for by customer before we ship anything to the customer’s preferred shipping location. Please be sure that what you enter in the order form is final and correct — we will no longer honor any changes in shipping address. We will deliver to the original identified address and will not be responsible for items not received because of mistakes in identified address or any changes made. We will also not refund actual cost of goods because of mistakes in shipping address.

Biscocho Haus will use some protective measures to limit damage to your order during the delivery chain like wrapping them in old newspapers or bubble-wrap depending on availability (we would like to be eco-friendly and limit the use of plastic) and arranging them properly as best we could. The delivering/shipping process however is no longer in our control. Once the item is out of our store, Biscocho Haus will not be responsible for any loss, damage or pilferage of the ordered items and boxes during shipping. We will not process any refunds/returns from damage from them, especially if we cannot establish that it is indeed damaged during the shipping chain.

Kindly note that as of September 1, 2021 we will require our customers to send us a clear unboxing video that clearly shows the sticker waybill of the courier and the state of all the products inside the box from all angles in applying for possible returns or exchanges. We are 100% certain that we will NEVER ship damaged products and do our best to mark the boxes as Fragile. We will also always provide photos of products before we seal the boxes as proof that we will send good quality products. So a video is therefore required by our courier partners to establish that the damage was due to their handling. Note that the video will be needed before we process any orders/complaints. No video, no processing of complaints.  Note that, again Biscocho Haus remains to be the sole decision-maker in processing the items for returns/exchanges.

Shipping Courier Partners

Kindly note that as any e-commerce shop, we are given 1-3 working days (excluding weekends and Public Holidays) to prepare your items for shipment. This will allow us enough time to prepare your orders and give you the latest stocks we have fresh from the oven. Please keep this in mind and add these to shipping times of the courier.

LBC and J&T are our shipping partners for all orders in our e-commerce store. Shipping turnaround times will begin as soon as the items have left our Iloilo store and passed on to LBC/J&T for shipping. Please be patient — all items will come from Iloilo so do take this into account when you are buying, especially if you’re in a rush. We will not be responsible if they suddenly do not deliver on your expected date and can only provide estimates of when it will arrive. Note that after all after the items are out of our hands, the chosen courier will be in charge of them already.

Below is an average time for delivery among standard couriers in the Philippines. Note that these may change during lean and peak seasons that will definitely affect your items.

Lean Season (February to September)
Iloilo to Manila: 3-4 days
Iloilo to Rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (within city limits): 4-5 days
Iloilo to places outside of cities: Additional 6-8 days

Peak Season (October to January)
Iloilo to Manila: 4-6 days
Iloilo to Rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (within city limits): 4-7 days
Iloilo to places outside of cities: Additional 8-11 days

We advise you to keep your order’s tracking number so you can check its progress at any time. You can visit LBC and J&T’s website and enter your tracking number to check where your items are. No need to contact us for this.

Biscocho Haus provides options on courier providers for our e-commerce customers. Once a customer selects a provider, this can no longer be replaced or cancelled. Note however that there may be extraordinary cases when the customer’s chosen courier will not be followed that may be due to but not limited to last minute refusal of courier for deliveries and other unforeseen events, We will always endeavor to follow your chosen provider but we reserve the sole right to make a business call on-the-spot for changes in how it will be delivered. Rest assured we will always have your order’s welfare in mind.

Should there be a difference in shipping rates because of this shipping change that we had to change, we will always send you back the extra amount. Please give us at least seven (7) working days to process that.

LBC’s Return to Sender (RTS) Policy:

LBC will make two (2) attempts to deliver the item to the identified shipping address. If LBC is unable to deliver the item to the customer within these 2 attempts, LBC will issue a notice of failed delivery to the customer and get in touch with them to set a date and time for final delivery within the next 3 days.

If the customer still does not respond or LBC once again is unable to make the delivery despite the agreement during notice period, Biscocho Haus will charge LBC’s full Return to Shipper (RTS) charges in addition to the shipping charges originally charged to the customer. Biscocho Haus’ Admin account ( will then issue up to two (2) notifications to the customer via e-mail that there was a RTS incident and will confirm if they would still proceed with the order again, taking into account that the next shipping attempt will be settled fully by the customer first. If we receive no responses after two (2) e-mail attempts, we will no longer proceed with delivery. Depending on the circumstances, we will decide if we will issue a refund if the customer pursues it within a 15-day timeframe. The 15 days will begin after the first notification of RTS was made by our Admin account. After 15 days, we will no longer process the refund.

J&T and our procedure on RTS will be posted as soon as it is final but we will impose this by July 19, 2020.

Shipping Location Exclusions:

We will opt not to deliver orders to the following areas in the Philippines for the meantime –

  • Basilan Province
  • Batanes Province
  • Camiguin Province
  • Certain areas of Cebu Province – Bantayan Island and Camotes Island only
  • Dinagat Islands
  • Guimaras Island
  • Marinduque Province
  • Masbate Province
  • Mindoro (Occidental or Oriental)
  • Certain areas of Palawan – Coron
  • Romblon Province
  • Siquijor Province
  • Sulu Province
  • Certain areas of Surigao Del Norte – Siargao Island
  • Tawi-Tawi

We will issue a cancellation notice via email and immediately refund any payments made by the customer as per our standard turnaround time for refunds. You may contact us at for any questions.