Refund and Returns Policy


We do not allow customers to return any purchased items for any reason especially since we sell food items. We will not process any refunds as a result of returns.


We do not allow cancellations and refund of orders after payment has been made and especially if items are already out of our store for shipping. In extraordinary and extremely rare cases, we reserve the absolute right to be the the sole decision-makers in how to proceed with cancellations/refunds.

Mistaken Orders:

Similar to cancellations, if the payment has been made and especially if items are already out of our store for shipping, we cannot process errors in orders or refunds for them. We hold our customers responsible for what they put in their shopping carts and order forms. We will not be responsible for any mistakes and will charge the costs incurred accordingly and will not offer any refunds.

Refunds from product complaints:


We are extremely proud of our product quality. However should there be extreme cases, Biscocho Haus will investigate any product issues raised through our e-commerce store provided that they are raised within 7 days after item leaves our store. Biscocho Haus will also decide if the complaint is valid for any refunds. If the issue is deemed valid by Biscocho Haus, we will deposit the amount to the customer’s account within 7 working days.

Unfortunately we cannot process any product complaints after leaving our store for more than 7 days. After this timeframe, we will no longer be certain of product quality so we will no longer be able to process them.

We will also only be responsible for products that are purchased directly by the customer here at our e-commerce store. We can only be certain that only these products passed our standards and shipped directly to the buyer. It is therefore crucial that you have your proof of purchase from us directly and intact. Take care of your official receipt — without it, we cannot establish that you bought it from us. We are aware that our products are being re-sold through sites like Shoppee and Lazada however we strongly suggest that you purchase directly from our site instead. We cannot process any replacements from outside channels as we are not sure how well they took care of our products from our store and then when it was shipped to you. Do note that we promise that our direct stores and official e-commerce site offer more affordable rates and guarantee you GOOD QUALITY and genuine products directly (and without any interference from non-affiliated persons) from Biscocho Haus.

Should you have any concerns on our products and our refund policy, please contact Admin ( Please give us time to a few days to respond to your concerns. We will do our best to be prompt.