Our Policy

Our most important payment policy is that all ordered items must be paid in full by the customer including full charges for shipping. We will not ship any items without receiving/confirming full payment. 


There are only two (2) ways to pay for your order via our e-Commerce site

1. Bank deposit/electronic transfer via mobile app
a. Bank of the Philippine Islands – Jaro Iloilo City Branch Account # 1333-2978-48
b. Banco de Oro – Jaro Iloilo City Branch Checking Account #0007-4802-1372

For bank deposits/electronic transfers, please choose this payment option on the Payment step of your order. It is important to follow all the steps and payment deadlines to avoid order cancellation by our store. Please also make sure you enter the correct account numbers (see above) as we will not be responsible for any erroneous payments made. We will base payments made on what we see in our account records. If we don’t see it there, unfortunately there’s no proof of payment and we cannot ship your order.

Please give us 2-3 working days to check if your payment was credited to our account. We will send you an automated confirmation e-mail via our website and then contact you again as soon as we’ve received it and advise you on shipping.

2. Credit card via Paypal

For the moment, Paypal is our sole credit card payments processor for our e-commerce site. Paypal acts as an acquirer so they process customer payments for us. Please don’t worry, Paypal is a global company who is strict with security. Your credit card details are safe and sound with them.

Paypal accounts are very common for online shoppers but we understand that there are some who still don’t have an account with Paypal. Don’t worry, we’ll accept credit cards via Paypal for customers who have/don’t have Paypal accounts.

Should you have any issues with your credit card transaction, please contact Paypal directly.


For those who will not pay via Paypal and will choose bank deposit/ electronic or mobile app transfer.

You will be given upto 48 hours after you receive your order confirmation via your provided e-mail to settle full payment. If we fail to see any payments made to our account within the timeframe, we will automatically cancel the order and the corresponding order number.

For those who will pay via Paypal, please give us 3-5 working days to validate your payment as it sometimes takes a while for Paypal to credit payments to our account especially if you don’t have a Paypal account. We can only ship items to you if we see your full payment credited to our Paypal account. If we do not see your Paypal payment credited within 3-5 working days, we will automatically cancel your order and refund your payment within 7 days as soon as we see it credited to our Paypal account.


In the event of payment disputes or if you have issues with payments, please contact our helpdesk (help@biscochohaus.com). Should we deem the issue valid, we will process disputes raised to our helpdesk within 7 days after the payment was made. The number of days will be counted solely on the date of the Biscocho Haus invoice/confirmation e-mail from our records. After 7 days of the order, we will consider all transactions closed and will no longer entertain disputes.


All shipping fees incurred for the order from our e-commerce store will be shouldered completely by the customer. Full fees must be paid for by customer before we ship anything to the customer’s preferred shipping location. Please be sure that what you enter in the order form is final and correct — we will no longer honor any changes in shipping address. We will deliver to the original identified address and will not be responsible for items not received because of mistakes in identified address or any changes made. We will also not refund actual cost of goods because of mistakes in shipping address.

Biscocho Haus will use some protective measures to limit damage to your order during the delivery chain like wrapping them in old newspapers (we would like to be eco-friendly and not use plastic) and arranging them properly as best we could. The delivering/shipping process however is no longer in our control. Once the item is out of our store, Biscocho Haus will not be responsible for any loss, damage or pilferage of the ordered items and boxes during shipping. We will not process any refunds/returns from damage from them.

Kindly note that as of September 1, 2021 we will require our customers to send us a clear unboxing video that clearly shows the sticker waybill of the courier and the state of all the products inside the box from all angles in applying for possible returns or exchanges. We are very sure that we will NEVER ship damaged products and do our best to mark the boxes as Fragile. This video is therefore required by our courier partners to establish that the damage was due to their handling. The video will be needed before we process any orders/complaints. OBH, again remains to be the sole decision-maker in processing the items for returns/exchanges. 

LBC and J&T are our shipping partners for all orders in our e-commerce store. Shipping turnaround times will begin as soon as the items have left our Iloilo store and passed on to LBC/J&T for shipping. Please be patient — all items will come from Iloilo so do take this into account when you are buying, especially if you’re in a rush. After all after the items are out of our hands, the chosen courier will be in charge of them already. 

Below is an average time for delivery among standard couriers in the Philippines. Note that these may change during lean and peak seasons that will definitely affect your items.

Lean Season (February to September)
Iloilo to Manila: 3-4 days
Iloilo to Rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (within city limits): 4-5 days
Iloilo to places outside of cities: Additional 6-8 days

Peak Season (October to January)
Iloilo to Manila: 4-6 days
Iloilo to Rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao (within city limits): 4-7 days
Iloilo to places outside of cities: Additional 8-11 days

We advise you to keep your order’s tracking number so you can check its progress at any time. You can visit LBC and J&T’s website.

Biscocho Haus now provides options on courier providers for our e-commerce customers. Once a customer selects a provider, this can no longer be replaced or cancelled. Note however that there may be extraordinary cases when the customer’s chosen courier is not followed that may be due to but not limited to last minute refusal of courier for deliveries and other unforeseen events, We will always endeavor to follow your chosen provider but we reserve the sole right to make a business call on-the-spot for changes in how it will be delivered. Rest assured we will always have your order’s welfare in mind.  

LBC’s Return to Sender (RTS) Policy:

LBC will make two (2) attempts to deliver the item to the identified shipping address. If LBC is unable to deliver the item to the customer within these 2 attempts, LBC will issue a notice of failed delivery to the customer and get in touch with them to set a date and time for final delivery within the next 3 days.

If the customer still does not respond or LBC once again is unable to make the delivery despite the agreement during notice period, Biscocho Haus will charge LBC’s full Return to Shipper (RTS) charges in addition to the shipping charges originally charged to the customer. Biscocho Haus’ Admin account (admin@biscochohaus.com) will then issue up to two (2) notifications to the customer via e-mail that there was a RTS incident and will confirm if they would still proceed with the order again, taking into account that the next shipping attempt will be settled fully by the customer first. If we receive no responses after two (2) e-mail attempts, we will no longer proceed with delivery. Depending on the circumstances, we will decide if we will issue a refund if the customer pursues it within a 15-day timeframe. The 15 days will begin after the first notification of RTS was made by our Admin account. After 15 days, we will no longer process the refund.

J&T and our procedure on RTS will be posted as soon as it is final but we will impose this by July 19, 2020.

Shipping Location Exclusions:

We will opt not to deliver orders to the following areas in the Philippines for the meantime –

Basilan Province
Batanes Province
Camiguin Province
Certain areas of Cebu Province – Bantayan Island and Camotes Island only
Dinagat Islands
Guimaras Island
Marinduque Province
Masbate Province
Mindoro (Occidental or Oriental)
Certain areas of Palawan – Coron
Romblon Province
Siquijor Province
Sulu Province
Certain areas of Surigao Del Norte – Siargao Island

We will issue a cancellation notice via email and immediately refund any payments made by the customer as per our standard turnaround time for refunds. You may contact us at help@biscochohaus.com or admin@biscochohaus.com for any questions.


We ALWAYS ship the latest available products from our e-commerce store so we will never send you near expiration products. We have certain days of the week that products are cooked so nothing stays on shelf for too long. That said, kindly note that because we are a family-owned business/bakery, the shelf life of our products is not similar to other bakeshops who use many unhealthy preservatives. Customers have also to factor in that delivery to your shipping location cuts to the shelf life of the product. Please get in touch with us at admin@biscochohaus.com for any questions. We will not be responsible for customers who did not do their own due diligence on the shelf life of their products before buying them, especially those who make bulk orders. 


We do not allow customers to return any purchased items for any reason especially since we sell food items. We will not process any refunds as a result of returns.


We do not allow cancellations and refund of orders once an order has been confirmed, after payment has been made and especially if items are already out of our store for shipping. In extraordinary and extremely rare cases, we reserve the absolute right to be the the sole decision-makers in how to proceed with cancellations/refunds.


Similar to cancellations, if the payment has been made and especially if items are already out of our store for shipping, we cannot process errors in orders or refunds for them. We hold our customers responsible for what they put in their shopping carts and order forms. We will not be responsible for any mistakes and will charge the costs incurred accordingly and not .

Refunds from product complaints:We are extremely proud of our product quality. However should there be extreme cases, Biscocho Haus will investigate any product issues raised through our e-commerce store provided that they are raised within 7 days after item leaves our store. Biscocho Haus will also decide if the complaint is valid for any refunds. If the issue is deemed valid by Biscocho Haus, we wlil deposit the amount to the customer’s account within 7 working days.

Unfortunately we cannot process any product complaints after leaving our store for more than 7 days. After this timeframe, we will no longer be certain of product quality so we will no longer be able to process them.

We will also only be responsible for products that are purchased directly by the customer here at our e-commerce store because we are certain that these products passed our standards and shipped directly to the buyer. It is therefore crucial that you have your proof of purchase from us intact. We are aware that our products are being re-sold through sites like Shoppee and Lazada however we strongly suggest that you purchase directly from our site instead. We promise that we offer more affordable rates and guarantee you GOOD QUALITY and genuine products directly (and without any interference from non-affiliated persons) from Biscocho Haus.

Should you have any concerns on our products and our refund policy, please contact help@biscochohaus.com. Please give us time to a few days to respond to your concerns. We will do our best to be prompt.


Who we are: Original Biscocho Haus is a family corporation based in Jaro, Iloilo City. We started as a small bakery in 1975 and slowly built our business to where it is today.

Our official website: BiscochoHaus.com is the only and official website of Original Biscocho Haus Corporation. We are aware of a fake domain/site as well as unauthorized resellers of our products online especially in Shoppee and Lazada. We are in no way affiliated with them, what they say and products they sell — we have no control over the quality/genuineness of their products and what they sell. There are many scammers in the internet so be careful!

Intellectual Property: All photos, images and texts in our website, especially of our stores and products, are exclusively-owned by the Original Biscocho Haus Corporation. We have built our name and worked on our products for more than 40 years, we will take legal action on anyone copying/using our property without our official written approval.

Non-Negotiables: No customer must misuse this site, commit any crime nor encourage criminal offense, transmit a virus, deface our site, corrupt our data, bother other users or attempt to steal information. Should any of these occur, we will immediately report this to the proper legal authorities.


Definitions for Terms & Conditions:

“Day” means actual day in a week (including weekends and holidays)
“Business Day” means any day on when all banks in the Philippines are open. This obviously excludes weekends and holidays.
“Order” means the order submitted by you to the site to purchase a product from our site. Again everyone who orders from our e-commerce site must agree to all our terms & conditions (site and e-commerce) including all items for payment policy, shipping policy, refund, cancellations & returns. No exceptions otherwise the order will not be processed.
“Customer” means any individual who places an order on the site who must agree to all our terms & conditions as stated above.

Eligibility & Payment:

Placing an order with Biscocho Haus’ e-commerce site can only be made by a person of legal age of eighteen (18) years old. We will assume that any orders placed on our site are made by customers who fulfill this age requirement.

If he/she uses a credit card to settle payment, we will assume that the credit card either belongs to him/her or has permission by the owner to do so. Biscocho Haus will not be responsible for any unauthorized credit card usage to pay for any orders on our site nor will we process cancellations/refunds/returns from them. Similarly, we will assume that any bank deposit/electronic transfer to settle orders on our site are authorized by the customer whose name appears on our invoice. We will not be responsible for any unauthorized payments made.


All prices in our e-commerce store are inclusive of 12% VAT in the Philippines but exclusive off shipping fees. Be mindful of shipping charges which will be charged on top of the ordered items and will have to be settled fully by the customer.

We will do our best to keep our prices current however there may be extraordinary cases where prices have to be updated/not correct. If we discover any pricing errors in what you ordered, we will contact you as soon as possible and get your confirmation if you wish to still proceed with the order with the new price or to cancel it. If we are unable to contact you then we will automatically deem the order cancelled and we will refund your payment if it has been settled already within 7 days.

Refusal of Service/Order:

We reserve the right to refuse selling to a customer or serve a particular order at any time and we will not necessarily disclose the reason/s why. We will do our best to always serve all our customers however there may be extraorinary cases when we will have no choice but to cancel. In these cases, we will process refunds if there are any payment/s made within 7 days

Product Availability:

We have been blessed by selling fast-moving products and there have been cases in peak seasons when we don’t have enough stocks to supply demand. In case we cannot fulfill your order and you have already paid for it, we will get in touch with you and let you know when the product will be made available. You can apply the shipping days from there. In the event that you will no longer want to wait for the product, we will process the refund for that particular item within 7 days.


Please refer to our Shipping Policy


Only Biscocho Haus will issue any promotional vouchers that may be used for our site. Non-sanctioned vouchers by Biscocho Haus are not allowed.

Disclaimer of Liability:

We do our best to describe our products in the e-commerce site. However by using this website and purchasing from our e-commerce store, all our customers take on the full responsibility on what they buy and what they consume. Since there are many factors beyond our control after the item leaves our Iloilo store especially in the shipping chain, we will not be responsible for any repurcussions on health, any damages or any costs (including but not limited to legal and medical fees) incurred as a result of products bought and consumed from our e-commerce site.


All customers who purchase from our e-commerce store and use this site agree to indemnify, defend and hold the entire Original Biscocho Haus Corporation and our partners harmless from any and all third-party claims, liability, damages and/or costs (including but not limited to, legal or medical fees) arising from your use of this site. Otherwise, the customer is breaching the entire Terms and Conditions of the site.

Privacy Protection:

Please review our Privacy and Data Privacy Policy

Force Majeure, Order/Shipping Risks:

Biscocho Haus will not be liable to customers for any breach, hindrance or delay in fulfilling orders because of circumstances beyond our control including but not limited to:

Strikes, lockouts or industrial action; Civil disturbance or riots, terrorist attacks/threat; war (declared or not declared)/threat/preparation; fire/explosion/storm/flood/earthquake/epidemic/natural disasters/subsidence; impossibility of use of aircraft or any other transportation whether public or private; government restrictions or regulations, transport strikes/failures/accidents.

If force majeure lasts more than 1 week, you or Biscocho Haus may cancel the order via a written notice and we will process refunds after 7 days. Note however that only Biscocho Haus will have the discretion if we will adopt Force Majeure to your order and we will also have absolute discretion to proceed with order processing despite the Force Majeure event.

Changes to Terms & Conditions:

We reserve the right to change any part of this site as well as the e-commerce section at any time. Note that when you continue to use the site along with our e-commerce section, this means that you accept whatever terms are revised. It is the customers who are responsible for reviewing the latest Terms & Conditions every time they order in our site.

Data Privacy Policy (Per Data Privacy Act)

Original Biscocho Haus’ e-commerce site adheres to the provisions of the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act of 2012 that aims to “protect the fundamental human right of privacy, of communication while ensuring free flow of information to promote innovation and growth.” (Republic Act. No. 10173, Ch. 1, Sec. 2). This falls into the jurisdiction of the National Privacy Commission.

Our website and e-commerce site caters to buyers based in the Philippines and as a result processes personal information of Filipino citizens. According to the law, Biscocho Haus through our site is allowed to process customers’ provided data for as long as it is “…subject to the adherence to the principles of transparency, legitimate purpose and proportionality.”

Our site, including our e-commerce function, will not in any way obtain personal information of users without their consent. Personal data collection will be limited to customers who choose to proceed to the full ordering process of our e-commerce site. Information gathered will be limited to those that are integral to fulfilling orders in our e-commerce function such as but not limited to: Full Name, Full Shipping Address, Contact Number/s, e-mail address. Non-personal information such as past products browsed in our store and again personal information such as records of past purchases will also be collected only to provide a better shopping experience for customers and also for record-keeping purposes.

Again as a family business, we require third party providers to keep our site and e-commerce platform working especially in fulfilling orders online. Thus, we will be required to share our customers personal information with them. Note however that all our partners have their own data privacy policies but we do want to be transparent and say that these are not subject to our control.

Should you have any questions about our Privacy Policy, please reach out to info@biscochohaus.com. We will do our best to be prompt.