Door-to-door delivery by J&T and LBC.

The following conditions by Biscocho Haus and our shipping partner applies to all orders via this e-commerce site:

1. Items will be declared in full value by Biscocho Haus upon pick up of entire order from our store in Iloilo City. However once the item is out of our store, we will not be responsible for any loss, damage or pilferage of the ordered item.

a.Once out of our store, maximum liability of J&T and LBC Express in case of loss, damage, pilferage or any other equivalent cause mentioned herein, will be limited to the amount that was declared.
b.In case of severe damage of items (more than 50% of a pack is damaged which Biscocho Haus will determine if acceptable), claims must be made by the customer in writing to Biscocho Haus at and within three (3) days from the date of delivery. Processing of claims is within thirty (30) days after receipt of formal claim and will be solely between Biscocho Haus and customer.
c.No off-setting of claims will be allowed.
d.No automatic deduction of claims from billing invoice will be made by Biscocho Haus. Claims shall be settled in accordance with the existing policies and claims procedures which will be provided separately.
e. Claims should be filed within 30 days from transaction/pick up date of courier from Iloilo store of Biscocho Haus.

2.Biscocho Haus, J&T Express or LBC Express shall not be liable for any delay due to acts of God or force majeure.

3. J&T and LBC will make two (2) attempts to deliver the item to the identified shipping address. In the event that the courier is unable to deliver the item to the customer within these 2 attempts, both couriers will issue a notice to the customer of failed delivery to the customer to make one last delivery attempt in the next 3 days.

If the customer still does not respond or J&T/LBC once again are unable to make the delivery despite the agreement during notice period, Biscocho Haus will charge J&T and LBC’s full Return to Shipper (RTS) charges to the shipping charges that the customer earlier settled with the order. Biscocho Haus’s Admin ( will then issue 2 notifications that there was a RTS incident and if they would like to proceed with the order again, taking into account that the following shipping attempt will be settled fully by the customer first. If we receive no responses after 2 attempts, we will no longer proceed with delivery and may issue a refund if the customer pursues it within a 15-day timeframe. After 15 days, we will no longer process the refund.